1. German car networking platform technology and experience:
The world's leading industrial-grade car networking platform: high security, high reliability, easy to expand. Product, high degree of modularity.
Germany has long been engaged in large-scale car network, Internet of things operations services. The global high-end car brand over 1 million networked vehicle long-term use of verification, performance excellence.

2. Local (domestic) own application development team:
Localized R & D number of about 100 people, and the German power research and development center in close cooperation for China and the global customer development and sharing of innovative technology.
The company is headquartered in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan has a branch. Wuhan and Shanghai have their own system operation and maintenance team. Project needs analysis, architecture design, product development, system testing and other work in the local at one go.

3. Local resource integration capacity:
As a subsidiary of China Mobile, China Mobile can integrate the internal resources of the integration, as a carrier of its B2C service capabilities, and better to provide customers with packaged services.
Resources for integration include data center, traffic, broadband and other network resources, as well as call centers, maps, music, payment and other rich information and entertainment application resources.

4. Have business operations qualification and ability:
Approved nationwide value-added telecommunications business qualification (VATS), can be fully covered car network services.
Through the ISO9001 (quality management), ISO27001 (information security) and ISO20000 (information service management) and other international standardization certification; with CMMI3 (software development) qualification.

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