Cross -border Ecological Integration

Crossover eco-system is a major feature of telematics business. Based on the integration technology from T-system and the resource layout from CMCC, CMDT has many inherent advantages of the key resources for telematics business, which can help our customers cut down the management coordination cost, reduce operation risk and have a quick start.

Network & Connection

· Network & Connection:

Mobile network and dedicated line are the key factors for high quality of telematics services and cost of operation. As the largest telecom operator in China, China Mobile has the biggest 2G/4G network, abundant dedicated line and CDN resources. Besides, China Mobile SIM card management platform is connected with MNO(Mobile Network Operation) module of CMDT’s platform, which can easily realize the centralized monitoring and management of network resources.


Vehicle-mounted Hardware

· Vehicle-mounted Hardware:

Provide Vehicle-mounted Hardware solutions, including T-BOX, OBD, communication module, with the partnership between CM IOT and other companies



· CP/SP:

China Mobile has various CP/SP subsidiaries, such as Migu (music, video, reading, game, cartoon), CM map, CM pay, Fetion, etc. CMDT can integrate CMCC legal resources, help OEMs take control of their own service data and build a mutual beneficial cooperation model in telematics business field.


Call Center

· Call Center:

With the strategy partnership with China Mobile Online Service Company(10086 & 12580 services), CMDT can offer leading solutions on call center, convenience is TSP service integration and reduction in cost.


Data Center

· Data Center:

Based on CMCC high level data center infrastructures all over the country and T-Systems rich experience on cloud services, CMDT can provide flexible solutions(rental or on premises infrastructure, private or public cloud…) on data center and cloud service for OEMs

Strategic Partners

CM IOT is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation. In accordance with the overall strategic layout of China Mobile, the company defines itself as "Internet of Things business supporter, special modules and chip provider, IoT specialized products pusher".
As a professional subsidiary of China Mobile in the mobile Internet field, MIGU is responsible for the production, operation and service integration of digital content. It is the only operating entity of China Mobile in the digital content business of music, video, reading, game and animation.
T-Systems China:
T-Systems China company leverages its global data center, network infrastructure and ICT infrastructure and solutions to provide high-quality technical services to Chinese customers, helping companies optimize the entire industry value chain.
CM Online:
CM Online is a specialized subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation. The company is headquartered in Luoyang City, Henan Province. Established in October 2014,CM Online is committed to become an excellent online service provider.
Phone:+86 021 3165 7111
Headquarters address:5F, No.11, 399 Chuanqiao Road, Shanghai
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