Provide kinds of telematics business operation services based on TSP and local VATS licenses. Being a strong supporter for OEMs to improve their service process and quality.

Business Operations:

-Website Operation                           -Collection and Payment                     -Business Analysis
-Public Sentiment Monitoring           -Eco-system Mgmt.
· BMW Repair and Maintenance Information(RMI) System
As the Chinese supplier for BMW, CMDT provides local portal and online data services to meet the requirements of Chinese regulation.

· OBD Solution for Daimler's 4S Stores
Provide connected car application to Daimler's 4S stores based on OBD and deep integration with vehicle data, including vehicle health check, remote diagnosis, B-Call/E-Call, driving behavior analysis, etc. 
Provide a window for long-term customer relationship, improve user experience, increase maintenance and insurance business rate at the same time, bring new business models and business value to 4S stores.

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