We provide core platform product based on license authority and support services to the customers who have the ability on self development. These customers can access the general functions of our platform through APIs. Thus improve the development efficiency and reduce the cost. The customers’ R&D team can also be released from the loaded and repeated work, and focus more on the apps design and innovation.


·Telecom Level Security: Design and development are based on the telecom level security standard. Proven by large scale commercial access.
·Industrial Level Availability: High tolerance and high SLA ensure the industrial level availability.
·Operation and Management: Maintenance and monitoring ability based on telecom level to ensure customized requirements of developers. 
·Flexible Combination of Function Modules :  Based on SOA infrastructure and open interface, different function and performance can be satisfied.
·Cloud Based Extendibility: 100% cloud based infrastructure, endless extendibility, reduce system risk and operation cost.
· China Car Experts
CMDT provides connected core platform and APIs to support car rental applications (Mr. Car) development by China Car Experts R&D team. The carrying capacity for phase 1 is 30000 vehicles. 

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