Provide regional smart traffic solutions for governments, ports and large parks to meet the requirements of vehicle monitoring in these regions. Meanwhile, optimize the traffic management methods, improve vehicle efficiency and bring convenience of travel.

· Productized IT Infrastructure: Set up hierarchical platforms according to local regulations. Provide fundamental IT infrastructures in order to serve smart traffic and IOT applications based on government cloud.

· Regional Big Data Analysis: Provide regional traffic data collection, storage and analysis functions to support park development planning and service optimization.

· Rich Regional Intelligence Applications: Provide various of applications, such as regional car sharing, car-hailing, bus sharing, smart travelling, etc.

· 3rd Party System Integration Management: API Store can be used by regional companies to develop new applications and integrated easily.

· Hamburg Port Truck System---Smart Port
Based on telematics technology, T-system provided a regional logistics solution for Hamburg Port. It helps Hamburg Port increase 300k min. goods throughput per day by precise vehicle scheduling and management.

· Smart Jinqiao---Regional Telematics Solution
Offer a regional telematics solution for SH Government Pudong Jinqiao Park. We provide convenient travel applications and help local government enhance regional planning and management ability. 

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