Based on the advanced technology and rich TSP experience from T-systems as well as the advantage of local resources from CMCC, we can provide local TSP system services to JV OEMs in China. In accordance with global TSP standard, the local telematics services are more flexible which can greatly enhance the ability of local business operation.

·Local Resource Integration: On the basis of JV OEMs global TSP platform and our local extension support system, CMDT helps the customer integrate local third party services. CMDT has the inherent technology and great cost advantage on CMCC resources (network flow, data center, call center, CP/SP, etc.)
·Local Resource Management: Relying on the local support system, CMDT can provide daily monitoring and management service on the availability of third party services
·Business Operation Services: Relying on the local support system, CMDT can provide consulting and process design services of telematics business operation for JV OEMs to ensure the compliance with local regulations

·Solution for JV OEMs

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